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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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everybody. go to and follow me on twitter twitter @megynkelly. let me know of your thoughts of hillary clinton coming out of social media and so closely timed to marco rubio. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." tonight sources tell fox news that hillary rodham clinton will announce she's running for president this weekend. standing by in des moines, iowa with all the latest details is fox's own ed henry. here we go ed. >> reporter: good to see you, sean. that's right. game on i guess. we're hearing from two democratic sources close to the clinton campaign that she will announce likely sunday afternoon with a video on social media. what's interesting is that is really similar to what she did in 2007 in that first losing presidential campaign try this sort of soft launch couch in her living room at her home in
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washington, d.c. what i think is different this time at least her advisers hope, last time she waited almost a week to come here to the battleground state of iowa. this time we're hearing by monday tuesday the latest she'll be here on the ground trying to go door-to-door to actually get the votes convince people that she doesn't think she's the inevitable nominee who's going to take their votes for granted. last time that left her in third place behind barack obama and john edwards. but i sat down today with two of her top democratic rivals, martin o'malley, the former maryland governor and jim webb, the former virginia senator. what they say is she cannot expect a coronation. listen. >> i think history's full of examples where the inevitable front runner's inevitable right up until they're no longer inevitable. what i've heard all around the country is people want new leaders. >> people are looking for leadership that they can trust. they're looking for leaders who will say what they really believe and be consistent about it. and rather than massaging issues to try to get, you know, one
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political safety zone or another will really take the risks of leadership and put them out there. and we've done that my entire political career. >> interesting. did you notice there that jim webb used that word trust? now, on the republican side they've been trying to hit hillary clinton over the e-mail situation, the money pouring into the clinton foundation and what is fascinating is that now you have democratic rivals doing that as well in part because of that quinnipiac university poll this week saying right here in iowa 49% of voters do not find hillary clinton honest and trust trustworthy trustworthy. that's why in this democratic primary at least she's going to get hit hard on that sean. >> those issues you mentioned, the clinton foundation, the e-mail server she erased i'm sure for no nefarious reasons all other scandals did this speed up the announcement? word on the treat was she might not do this until june. >> reporter: i think they realize with so many folks getting in on the republican
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side, her advisers tell me they're not worried about what's going on on the gop side, but theyee the clock ticking. let's not forget last time when she ran against barack obama she announced in january basically. so months ago. so they wanted to get this thing going. the other thing i've been hearing that's interesting behind the scenes is this week she's been holed up behind closed doors in new york with policy advisers meeting on the economy, isis, the iran nuclear deal. why is that significant? well, look she knows these issues. she was a senator, secretary of state a record people are beating up on. but also she's not been a candidate on the streets of a place like iowa here in many years. and some of her advisers are worried she will be rusty and might make some mistakes. >> could very well happen. ed henry in iowa tonight. thank you sir. the big question tonight is how will potential republican candidates respond to hillary's announcement? standing by in tennessee is campaign carl. >> reporter: hi sean. we are at the 144th annual meeting of the national rifle association. they have brought somewhere in
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the neighborhood of 70000 to 75,000 sportsmen and gun enthusiasts to nashville. and a big chunk of the republican gop 2016 field is going to be addressing them and did all afternoon in nashville today. and there was a number of uniformed themes. first of all protecting the second amendment, arguing president obama even through attempted legislation or executive orders has tried to limit the constitutional rights of american sportsmen and gun owners and that hillary clinton is a participant in the agreement to that right to bear arms. there has been a lot of criticism of hillary clinton. bobby jindal said, well, since she's going to announce on sunday i suppose yofference does it now make, quoting her from the benghazi hearings. there's been a litany of attacks on president obama and hillary clinton. for the most part all have a or a-plus ratings from the national rifle association, there's a couple no-shows, chris christie the governor of new jersey is not here. he's one of the only republican presidential candidates or would-be candidates who doesn't
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have any. in new jersey there's been new gun controls while he's been around and he gets a c, which is dramatically low from the rest of the as. and there's been others who haven't been here. rand paul who of course announced his campaign this week didn't make it. he's in iowa on his campaign launch as he goes from new hampshire to iowa to south carolina to nevada and onto california by the end of this weekend. and it gives you an illustration of a little bit of how the jockeying is going to begin. on monday marco rubio announces his campaign in florida. and he will say that he is not going to seek re-election to the u.s. senate, which immediately draws a contrast to rand paul and his announcement last week because we understand he's going to get the republican party in kentucky to allow him to run for president with a caucus. and that will allow him to run for senator at the same time on a primary ballot. interesting contrast between rand paul and marco rubio there. and of course rubio announcing as he will in florida immediately pits him against his long-time political mentor former florida governor jeb bush did an awful lot of favors and helped marco rubio rise to
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prominence as the former house speaker a number of years ago. and on monday marco rubio will announce his candidacy and that will immediately put him at odds with jeb bush who spoke here today and boasted and according to his aides intended to make a statement here that, he said this he will put his record on the second amendment up against anybody else in the field talking about his record in florida where he took a number of steps to strengthen the second amendment and curb gun control in the sunshine state. the nra's 144th meeting 70000 people here for this. it is a sign of the type of unity that there is awaiting amongst the republicans around the country and one of the things all the candidates were doing today was beating up on obama and hillary clinton in anticipation of her getting into the race in just two days, sean. >> campaign carl cameron in nashville tonight. thank you. not everyone on the left is thrilled that hillary clinton is in fact running for president. and some of her potential democratic rivals are voicing their opposition. for example former rhode island governor lincoln chafee also considering a white house run
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he told politico i would argue that anybody who voted for the iraq war should in the be president and certainly anybody who voted for the iraq war should not lead the democratic party into an election. he's not mincing words. and former democratic governor is not alone in feeling that way. listen to what liberal senator elizabeth warren said just yesterday. >> hillary clinton could announce any day now that she's going to seek the presidential nomination and presidency in 2016. do you think she's the future of the democratic party? >> well, i think we have to see, first of all if she declares. and what she says she wants to run on. i think there needs to be a vigorous debate. and the whole question about running for president i think everyone who's running for president should be talking about what they plan to do to strengthen and rebuild america's -- >> wow. hillary clinton clearly does not have her vote yet. and now we have some advice for hillary. if she wants to win the presidency, which we all know she does well she owes you the american people an explanation
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about the following things. why did the clinton foundation accept foreign donations from countries like saudi arabia that have deplorable rights for women and others? what is bill clinton's relationship to convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein? does hillary have a nasty temper as many people have alleged? will hillary come clean about her private e-mail server and stop making excuses? and will she admit that she lied when she blamed the benghazi terror attack on a youtube video and claimed it was a spontaneous demonstration? and can she list her accomplishments? what are they? somehow we doubt that we'll ever get answers to those things. and as we head on back to our desk, joining us with reaction from the washington examiner, rebecca berg is with us. also fox news contributor democratic strategist doug schoen. and the author of blood feud, ed klein. here's what's going to be interesting, she's going to try and distance herself from barack obama. >> right. >> the obamas and clintons as
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you've chronicled hate each other. is she going to be able to successfully do that without retribution from obama? >> not at all. i mean, we know now that valerie jarrett has instituted a whole series of investigations of hillary when she was secretary of state. a couple of those the e-mails and the use of foreign governments for the clinton foundation have already dropped. more is yet to come from the obamas. >> all right. let's go through doug, she's got a lot of problems. those questions i asked there, how big a problem is saudi arabia and all these countries with atrocious records on gay rights, womens rights, religious freedom, how big an issue is that? >> i think that is an issue. but candidly you've talked about orgy island it was a good week for her. the allegations against -- >> but the case goes on. >> the case goes on but the credibility of the woman is raised in question. >> but the case goes on.
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you have all these other women that ultimately you may have bill clinton testifying under oath here. >> but these women haven't said anything about bill clinton yet sean. so she doesn't really have a problem there. >> okay. saudi arabia, great hypocrisy. >> right. that is a problem. >> okay. you're a liberal democrat. she's been in public office all these years. >> right. >> name her top three specific accomplishments? >> i think that is the large question combined with what elizabeth warren said, which is what is her program for the future? she had problem with message as you know in '08. she had problems articulating on her book tour what her philosophy and programs were. she'll have to prove that she does now. >> rebecca, let me go to you. let's play some of the worst moments of hillary and ask you how big a factor you think they'll be in a campaign. >> the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is the vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspireing against my husband since the day he announced for president.
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i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. i remember landing under sniper fire. there was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base. the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there. and we struggled to you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for chelsea's education. you know it was not easy. >> let's go into this, rebecca, a little bit. predominantly black audience, she goes into this bizarre accent of hers. then you have we landed under
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sniper fire. it was a lie as big as brian williams for crying out loud. we have the video there's no sniper fire. she was greeted by young girl handing her flowers. what difference does it make at this point with benghazi? how big a factor are those issues? >> i mean that was quite a highlight reel, sean. i think you'll see republicans using those clips over and over during this campaign because here is an example of all of the baggage that hillary clinton has to deal with. her past with the bill clinton presidency, which is obviously riddled with problems for her. some of these stories that she has told that have not been accurate or maybe that are being challenged now potential scandals with benghazi and the house committee of course is still looking into this. and she might have to sit for an interview with trey gowdy and that commit see. so you have all of this potential material for republicans to use. >> so much has been made. i'll ask both of you this, of hillary's temper.
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let's go to gayle sheehee's book. "she is angry, not all of the time but most of the time." and we go to former clinton spokesperson, "mrs. clinton got really angry she attacked george, meaning george stephanopoulos, and anybody that stood up and tried to say it was a bad idea was smashed down, belittled very personally. where i said the president didn't really attack people personally, mrs. clinton sometimes did. and not only would she sort of humiliate you in front of your colleagues or whoever happened to be around. hillary tended to be the kind of -- would kind of run a campaign against the people behind their back. and that was certainly my experience. and one more. george stephanopoulos himself. she just jumped down my throat and basically said you never believed in us, you never stood for us we were all alone in new hampshire and it was fierce and chilling. and i was kind of stunned. it was the most hurtful thing i thought she could say especially in front of all of my colleagues at the time.
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so much has been made this week about rand paul, prickly and interviews with savannah guthrie. >> right. >> this sounds like an angry woman. >> it is an angry woman. and recently when she heard about the jeffrey epstein matter, the orgy island she went barrelling into bill clinton's office in chappaqua, took her hand and cleaned off his desk wiping off everything including his sculptures, furious at him. practically killed him. i mean, she has this terrible anger. >> you know her. >> i do know her. >> she's a mediocre politician, let's be honest. she doesn't have the skills -- the political skills that bill clinton has. >> sure. >> what about this temper? how bad is it? >> i'll put it in personal terms, sean. >> okay. >> i was invited to play a significant role in the 2008 presidential election. i chose to pass on that. and i've never had any regrets. she is a talented woman.
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she is a smart woman. but she is not somebody i would want to associate my political career with. even though i will vote for her, and i hope be able to vote enthusiastically. >> i'll try to convince you otherwise. >> i know you will. >> rebecca how big an issue is it if that temper issue really -- this is only three examples. i have dozens more of people saying the same thing on the record. how big an issue? >> the temper is an issue. especially because she has a long history of distrust of the press. she is suspicious of the press in her motives. and that makes it hard for her to sit for an interview and seem happy and relatable. but it's also a larger problem of can she seem relatable when she's interacting with voters? and this is why -- >> she's not warm. >> -- not a great campaigner. it's very forced, very stiff. >> good to see you all. coming up later tonight in a "hannity" exclusive. you'll meet the author who claims hillary clinton physically beat her husband bill bloody when he was in the white house. that story's coming out --
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coming up next. also tonight civil rights leaders have expressed their disappointment with president barack obama. so should they support hillary clinton running for president? and coming up next, tavs smiley joins us to answer that question. and frank luntz explains how hillary clinton's rhetoric is not resonating well with voters when it comes to scandals that and much more on this busy news night.
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welcome back to "hannity." so hillary clinton is expected to announce this weekend that she's running for president yet again. and with her looming announcement comes the inevitable conversation about how democrats will respond to her candidacy. we already know how many ranking members of the african-american community feel about president obama's failed presidency. so will they back hillary clinton? here now for analysis, the author of the brand new book tavis smiley. there's no love loss between the clintons and obamas. everybody knows this. you cornell west, you have been a strong critic of this president. off the top of your head are you a supporter of hillary? >> is that about whether i'm a supporter of hillary, the question is whether or not -- >> i like my question. what's wrong with my question?
7:20 pm
>> there's nothing wrong with it. i'm a media personality who tries to ask the tough questions. it's not about who i'm endorsing. >> well, i'm asking do you have any issues with hillary? >> i'm answering your question. i don't endorse candidates. i think it's a mistake -- i respect her and love her, but i think it's a mistake for her the party and the country for her to be corponation, i like auctions and elections, it's not about the highest bidder who can raise the most money and i like elections not coronations. >> i'm with you. >> if she is not tested in the primary, i don't think she runs as well in the general, number one. but on top of that she's going to catch enough heat from the media as it is. but if there's nobody else to focus on in the primary but you, the heat and the scrutiny's going to be that much more difficult. i don't see how this is good for her. >> let's go back. you've been a pretty fierce critic of obama at times. let's go back to the campaign between obama and hillary and bill clinton saying that they
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planned and played the race card on him. i want your reaction to this. >> i think that they played the race card on me. and we now know from memos in the campaign and everything that they planned to do it all along. >> now he made that charge a number of times. what do you think happens when hillary tries to distance herself from the obamas -- they're going to get mad. >> i think it's old news, number one, what the president said -- former president. number two i think that it's going to be -- there's not going to be much light between african-americans and secretary clinton. if she runs obviously she will she's going to get the overwhelming support i suspect of african-american community. and the reason why is not because she's right on everything. it's not because she's progressive enough for some of us. it's because y'all ain't got nobody better. >> i disagree. and that's going to be a subject for another night. all right. >> rand paul's the only guy would even talk about black issues. you try to shut him down. >> i think every republican ought to know what rand is doing and go to historically black
7:22 pm
colleges and reach out to communities that have not historically voted for the republicans. i think he's smart and i think republicans should do that. i'm with you. good to see you. now, you're coming back later in the show. and we'll discuss the issue of the cop charged with murder in south carolina. but up first, coming up next on "hannity." >> hillary clinton has some explaining to do. >> used her personal e-mail account to conduct official business. >> wanted to reset relations with russia. >> there are dozens of reasons why hillary clinton should not be our next commander in chief. up next pollster frank luntz explains how hillary's past comments and scandals will come back to haunt her. and later an incredible explosive new book reveals hillary clinton literally, physically beat, bloodied bill clinton while living at the white house. the author is here with all of the details including all the details of the vicious temper of hillary straight ahead.
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please join me in welcoming hillary rodham clinton. >> hillary clinton has some explaining to do. >> used her personal e-mail account to conduct personal business. >> wanted to reset relations with russia. >> not working out well. >> defensively catastrophic move for hillary clinton. >> landing under sniper fire, it was a total quirk. it was a lie. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> this is just par for the course for the clintons. they're always a little bit secretive. >> that was a new ad put out by the rnc entitled stop hillary. in the midst of numerous scandals hillary clinton is expected to announce she's running for president again this weekend. things are a lot different than back in 2008 when of course she was running then. joining me pollster frank luntz. how are you? >> i'm fine, sean. it's going to be fascinating what happens because we've never had a candidate this well-defined. everyone has an opinion, they either like her or don't. but there's nothing neutral about hillary clinton anymore.
7:26 pm
>> honest and trustworthiness in these three swing states according to quinnipiac poll she's got a huge problem. ominous is the word they used in the poll. your reaction. >> yes. and credibility is essential. the fact is we want a president we can trust. we want a president that we have confidence in. in fact, sean, the two most important values that a president can have in 2015, number one is accountability. and number two is trust. and i wonder whether voters think that she's got it. >> let's go to hillary attempting to explain why she didn't use e-mails as secretary of state, something which we now know is false because she had a blackberry and ipad. listen to this. tell me how people react. >> when i got to work as secretary of state, i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. looking back, it would have been better if i'd simply used a
7:27 pm
second e-mail account and carried a second phone. but at the time this didn't seem like an issue. second, the vast majority of my work e-mails went to government employees at their government addresses, which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system at the state department. >> the lowest numbers i think i have ever seen. and here's the interesting part. there were a number of lies told. she had a blackberry, she had an ipad. and we know that those e-mails didn't -- weren't recorded properly. >> well that's the problem. and that's why she did so badly among republicans and truthfully sean democrats did not score her well at all. the lines just dropped. when you can't look people straight in the eye -- i've got a camera in front of me. so i'm looking right at you even though i can't see you. if you noticed in your clip she looks to the left, she looks to the right. she's looking at her notes. if you're telling the truth, you
7:28 pm
can look the public straight in the eye and you don't need a prepared text. and during the questions, sean it was once again she couldn't stare at anyone. i think if you study body language, you'd understand why. she's not even confident in what she has to say. >> very well said as i look our great audience dead set in the eye. you also dialed one other issue. when she said they came out of the white house dead broke, this did not go over well. let's watch this. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there. and we struggled to you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses for chelsea's education. you know, it was not easy. bill has worked really hard. and it's been amazing to me. he's worked very hard. first of all we had to pay off all our debts which was we had to make double the money because obviously taxes and pay off the debts and get us houses and take care of family members.
7:29 pm
>> 19 -- i can't recall a single dial, correct me if i'm wrong, did you ever see a 19 before? >> yes. and i was not expecting you to raise this. but when bill clinton when he was testifying answered a question by a judge it depends on the meaning of the word is is. >> that was a 19? >> that was actually a 17 sean. this is the second lowest. look, her whining her complaining about her income about her financial situation nobody cares that politicians have it tough. in fact, they think that politicians break all the rules. so start there. and then when you're the clintons and you see how well they live now, it just doesn't sound right. it doesn't play well. and it really hurts her credibility. >> yeah. all right. now, frank, we're going to have you on on a regular basis. we're going to be looking at republican candidates, what they're saying that works and what doesn't work. and what's resonating with the american people this election cycle. you've got a lot of work to do mr. luntz. get out there on the road.
7:30 pm
yeah. >> and, sean i want them to go to you can sign up. and you too can use those dials to react. >> where's that going to be taking place? >> we're going to be doing it up in new hampshire. we're going to be able to tell you how people react to marco rubio and how they react to the beginning of the clinton campaign. >> when we have more interviews we'll have marco monday for the hour, we've had ted cruz rand paul, we're going to go through certain of those candidates when we get all of them finished and we'll get your take on who did the best in the interviews okay? >> done you got it. >> coming up next tonight right here on "hannity," affairs notorious scandals, a vicious fight where hillary clinton left her husband bill bloody while they lived in the white house. we'll talk to the author of an explosive new book that tells us what life was really like inside the clinton white house. and then later tonight what does this newly released dash cam video showing walter scott running from his car mean for
7:31 pm
the south carolina cop now accused of murder? tavis smiley will be back with reaction and much more coming your way tonight here on "hannity." every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america. guts. glory. ram. look! this is the new asian inspired broth bowl from panera bread. that noise! panera broth bowls should be slurped with gusto! to explore further order online or visit your neighborhood panera bread.
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welcome back to "hannity." public persona and image is everything to the clintons. bill is advocate for middle class. what goes on behind closed doors is much different than the image the clintons put out to you the public. a brand new book details the explosive relationship between bill and hillary during their time in the white house. here to explain is "the residence, inside the private world of the white house" kate brower is with us. . how are you? >> great, how are you? >> almost shocking allegation here which is that hillary
7:37 pm
clinton took a lamp, threw it at bill, bloodied him up pretty severely. tell us what your book uncovered. >> well, i talked to more than 50 former resident staffers, and most of whom were on the record for the first time. and a lot of these people have never spoken to a reporter before. one story was that a staffer was called up to their bedroom and they found blood on the bed. and the rumor among all the staff was that hillary clinton clocked the president with a book. but the lamp throwing was on the record from a staffer who talks about being outside the west sitting hall. he was a florist and he was going to change the arrangements in the second floor private living quarters and he heard yelling. and he heard the heavy object hit the ground. and it was mrs. clinton's voice. so these are all things that the staffers heard behind the scenes. and this kind of real life downton abbey that plays out at the white house. >> you say the white house florist actually heard this and the white house maid went in and
7:38 pm
what did the white house maid tell you? >> well the one story about the blood on the bed is from someone who's an anonymous person. but they're actually very close to the clinton -- they like working for the clintons. they enjoyed their experience with the clintons. so they don't really have an axe to grind. i think it's important to note that it was a very tumultuous time. another florist told me on the record that the second and third floors of the white house were like a morgue. it was just so quiet. eerily quiet. another maid told me on the record it was very sad because they all loved the first family. each family they serve they are fiercely loyal to. >> what you're describing, kate, a bed covered in blood after a violent confrontation where she bloodied up the president of the united states and he slept three or four months on a sofa in another room. >> yeah, and i think a lot of the staffers told me that especially the women that they were supportive of her in that
7:39 pm
moment because, you know, they blamed him obviously for what was going on. but, yes, i mean, it's certainly something that's an interesting thing that you can -- >> i don't mean to interrupt you. do you have any doubt that your sources are telling you the truth that she beat up the president of the united states, bloody? you're saying that's a fact? >> right. from the staffer and a couple staffers that told me these stories, yeah. they are very trustworthy sources that i've talked to. and also i always made sure to ask other people what they thought of these people. because, you know these are not celebrities telling me this. these are people who work behind the scenes. so i always made sure they're credible and well-liked among the staff without a real axe to grind especially in the case of the blood on the bed. but again, i mean people were supportive of her doing that. but, yes, it's certainly a really interesting facet of what goes on behind the scenes.
7:40 pm
>> we also have the issue of i guess public perception and the image they want to create publicly versus how they are in reality. and you describe a white house and a hillary clinton who "there was so much foul language in the white house a preoccupation with secrecy" and you tell a story -- tell us about that. that they're not the people we see in public. they're very different. >> well, one usher told me and this was on the record that they were by far the most paranoid family who they ever served. and this is someone who had been there for decades because these people stay on from administration to administration. one thing that the clintons did was they changed the phone lines. before an operator would have to connect calls to the second and third floors for security reasons, but the clintons wanted to make sure they could call out without having to go through an operator. they didn't want anyone listening in on their conversations. so they changed the whole system. and this usher told me it was very nerve racking for them because the security of that
7:41 pm
phone line was that an operator would connect you. >> so in other words the foul language they wouldn't exactly use on tgn trail. so there's an image issue there. another story that was picked up by the press and talked about quite a lot is chelsea clinton calling a secret service agent a pig and then saying well, that's what my parents call them. >> right. and that was from a florist on the record who was in the room at the time. he says, and he heard her say this i will say that chelsea was beloved among the staffers, but the relationship with the secret service and the clintons is different from their relationship with the resident staff. they had a very difficult relationship with the secret service. >> let me ask one last question i quoted earlier in the program, did people reinforce this idea that hillary has a vicious temper and is mean and rude and condescending to people? is that the impression you got from all the people you talk today? >> they gave the impression that it was an absolute -- it was a roller coaster ride. one day was fine and the next
7:42 pm
was you know, there was something bothering her. and, you know, there's a story in the book about her getting angry with a butler for not taking the prime minister's wife's cup and she had to take the cup after a reception in the blue room. so i mean she was definitely on edge at certain points. >> all right. fascinating book. congratulations. and we wish you the best wit. thank you for being with us. coming up next on "hannity". >> this civilian has dared to physically have this altercation with the officer, put that in the officer's head now. i think it saves him from the murder rap. >> our very own geraldo rivera thinks the south carolina cop accused of murder might not face charges because of the newly released dash cam video. we'll be back to the developing situation in south carolina and much more as this friday edition continues.
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welcome back to ""hannity." so as one south carolina community continues to grapple with the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a police officer, i recently spoke with dr. lonnie randolph. he stressed the importance of
7:48 pm
the bystander video in this case. listen to this. >> thank goodness we don't have to speculate or guess or hypothesize about the incident we're speaking of in south carolina. and if this video had not been available, had the young man not presented us with that video, i can only imagine what the outcome would have been. >> and back with me now is tavis smiley author of the brand new book by the way "my journey withz1 k mi maya." you were friends with her, i didn't know that. >> for 5#" ñrtw21 years. >> trying to find my own voice, my own place in the world. we are who we are because somebody loved us and she loved me and helped me figure out what my place in the world was. if this b] is about anything -- >> for all these years i was thinking about my journey with "hannity." well, it's a good book. she's a special person. i agree with you. let me ask you this we have
7:49 pm
these incidence, we have trayvon martin, then you have ferguson missouri. there's big differences between them. i look at trayvon and you have an eyewitness trayvon on top of george zimmerman ground and pound we hear the audio multiple eyewitnesses, many of them black americans saying darren wilson's story is 100% accurate about michael brown's behavior. in this case you have a video. i look at this video and i want to cry for this man and his family because under no circumstances should any cop that's not under a threat be shooting somebody in the back. and people trying to sort of conflate the issues. and i see no area of conflating them. your reaction. >> i hear your point about the differences in every case. and obviously you're right. all these cases are different. there are no two cases that are alike. i think the point that people are trying to impress upon you,
7:50 pm
sean, is every time one of these cases happens and another young black man is killed and someone then says that this is an isolated incident, what happens first is we hear it's an isolated incident doesn't mean all cops are bad.oesn't mean officers are bad i agree, but the question is how many isolated incidents equal a pattern? and i think black folks and others who care about the humanity and dignity of fellow citizens being respected of tired of hearing these are isolated incidents. >> there is violence in society. this video of a boston police officer being shot in the face. we're going to lose 100, plus officers every year. you and i discussed black on black crime. that is a issue that numbers are high. and you know there is a lot of
7:51 pm
violence and evil in this world and society. so, again? >> we don't want to complain these issues more white folk are killed every year in this country than black folk. we have to consider if we don't do something, often times, police shootings cannot be justified in this case sean, all of us may be in danger, maybe your child, your daughter. >> i agree. it could be me. >> geraldo put out a series and dash cam video here he's saying dash cam video takes murder one rap away from the cop and you see the car being pulled over,
7:52 pm
here. he says he did everything he could. he again looking at dash cam video. not expecting a confrontation and you watch here what happens. this is leading up to the moment when you know the guy gets out and begins to run. i argue, i don't care if the guy punched the cop in the face. at the moment the cop fired a weapon, he was not a threat to the cop. what is your take? >> i love geraldo. you're being serious you and i met and suggest he started i said many times that geraldo riviera was the very first person to put me on master television he's a friend of mine. i say with love in my heart there is a fine line between off the cuff and off the wall
7:53 pm
remarks sometimes he says things that don't make sense to me the bottom line is that this officer's life as you said earlier, i concur his life was not in jeopardy. not threatened. when you shoot someone eight times in the back your slief not a threat. this young man took off. this is not you saying bolt. not like he could have brought him down. your first option is shoot eight times at a guy running away from you? then, after he's dead, face down, on the ground to show you don't respect his humanity, after he's dead, you then handcuff him? in 1985 the supreme court set this to rest i believe the case is tennessee versus garner the supreme court said unless your life is threatened or the public public's life is threatened it is unlawful to use deadly force.
7:54 pm
>> i have been trained in firearms since 11 years old. if you're life is not in jeopardy you do not have the right to take a life. and you're shooting the guy in the back i've got to run. thank you for sticking with us, we appreciate it. >> coming up the question of the day, straight ahead. your eyes depend on a unique set of nutrients. that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. help protect your eye health with ocuvite.
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8:00 pm
florida senator marco rubio. that is monday night. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> secretary can we expect you back brooklyn your headquarters possibly? >> all in good time. >> hillary clinton picks sunday to announce her run for the white house. can she overcome the mountains of controversy already surrounding her? we will debate that. >> only an insane person would compare the united states of america with a country that is governed by the ayatollahs. >> president obama's nuke deal with iran getting slammed by all sides. lt. colonel ralph peters will analyze. >> i'm in my closet. i hope -- are we close? >> prosecutors releasing a chilling 911 tape of a terrified sandra bullock hiding from


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